Liquid Liver Hydrolysates | Carp Catching Confidence

15th February 2022

With a proven track record of 'BIG Fish Captures' in cold winter sessions, Liquid Liver Hydrolysate is one the best Liquid Liver products on the market today, and in this blog, we’re going to explain to you why. Here at British Aqua Feeds, we highly recommend mixing the liquid 50-50 with Yeast type products especially our Brocacel Yeast powder, and recent angler, David Malcolm agrees and fired up the Liquid Liver Hydrolysate on his fishing trip.

David mentioned that the days of just firing out a carpet of boilies straight from the bag are long gone, if you are wanting to catch consistently, you need to jazz things up a bit and start using your head.

He quotes: “My loose feed these days consists of whole boilies, crushed boilies, pellets, a sprinkle of Brocacel Yeast, and maybe a few particles too. However, to get things going, I then add some of the Liquid Liver (be warned, it absolutely stinks), pouring a good glug over the mix, leave it overnight to get jiggy with the yeast and it totally mellows to give a savoury aroma, whilst softening the pellets and glazing the boilies at the same time.”

So, if you’re wanting some catching confidence while on your next fishing trip, Liquid Liver Hydrolysate is sure to give you a big bucket of carp. Click here to buy Liquid Liver from our shop.

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