Carp Fishing for Beginners – A BAF Guide

19th July 2022

Fishing for carp is regarded as a highly prized coarse fish, and it can bring a roller coaster ride of emotions. These wise, cunning and feisty species can put up a heck of a fight, which is exactly what makes it such a thrill to catch one. Millions of anglers in the UK love carp fishing every year, and it’s the love of the sport that makes carp fishing exciting and fresh every year.

If you’re wanting to try your luck with carp fishing, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the information, equipment to use and tactics involved when you start. British Aqua Feeds’ aim in this article is to remove the confusion with an easy-to-understand guide to starting carp fishing for beginners. For example, we will help you what you may need to consider and what the steps are to take before you head out for your first session on the bank.

  • Purchase a Rod Licence

If you’re going to coarse fish anywhere in England or Wales, you will need a rod licence. A licence is not needed in Scotland, unless it’s on the boarder Esk Region, and in Northern Ireland, you are required to carry a licence and a permit. Getting a licence in England and Wales is simple, you can apply on the government website, or from your local post office branch.

  • Where do you fish?

You can fish anywhere from still waters to rivers, lakes, and streams here in the UK. However, not every fishing site is best suited for beginners. Carp grows bigger and wiser through age. So, going straight to a specimen lake may not be the best idea. Larger lakes also tend to be more difficult since you must put more effort into finding and attracting the fish. Beginners, however, should begin with a smaller 3–5-acre lake and those with large stocks of smaller fish.

  • Choosing the right Fishing bait

The next step is selecting the fishing bait you want to help you attract the fish. British Aqua Feeds has a wide selection of fishing bait available. Take a look at our products here.

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