Down by the lay-by Pit, Warren Jay

4th August 2022

The team at British Aqua Feeds love to see our customers using our products in their catch reports, but we absolutely love seeing younger and budding anglers take to the lake or riverbank and doing some fishing, especially as it’s known to encourage the younger generation to experience different types of sport and get plenty of exercise.

Warren Jay is no different, he often goes fishing with his dad and is avid supporter of BAF by using some of our products, you may have seen him pop up on our social media before in some interesting catch reports. Over the weekend, Warren had a brilliant session down by the lay-by pit where he quickly landed a nice common followed by a mirror carp.

The bites didn’t stop coming though, using his own birdseed mix with British Aqua Feeds’ Belachan/Shrimp paste scattered around the area, they were landing 5 carp, 4 mirrors and a common! The fish just kept coming back to feed over their two rods.

At just a young age, Warren is already achieving great things in terms of angling. Everyone here at BAF can’t wait what he catches next and what bait he uses, he has a bright future in this sport and an inspiration to other young and budding anglers alike.

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