Enzyme Hydrolysis

11th November 2021

Enzyme Hydrolysis

Hydrolysis is a process using both mechanical and biological stages to break down proteins into smaller peptide chains and free form amino acids.

BAF operate a small-scale hydrolysis facility based at our Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire site, and have the capacity to batch process up to 3000 litres of liquid hydrolysates per day, using only high quality, fresh proteins, derived from fish and animal sources.

Our work within this area includes using many different types of enzymes to fully optimise each raw ingredient.

From an Aquatic feed point of view, this type of process allows for a very high grade of soluble and readily digestible protein, meaning optimal use of the original crude protein and less waste, this provides higher growth rates and better conditioning.

From an angling point of view, the Amino acid profile and solubility gives great and positive attraction to a variety of aquatic species.

An array of new UK produced Hydrolysates will be available soon.

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