Famous Carp Anglers you might see on the bank

27th June 2022

Throughout the last couple of years, more and more people are realising that a day/night, or weekend session on the bank can be a perfect way to escape the busy and stressful lives we all face. Celebrities are no stranger to enjoying their time away from the eyes of the public, and many have started to make a habit of spending their free time fishing.

You may already be aware of some famous names, such as David Seaman. However, we are pretty sure there will be a few surprises on the list too.

David Seaman:

The former Arsenal and England goalkeeper, and fellow Yorkshireman, David Seaman has loved carp fishing and has been a regular on the bank during his time away from Football. He fishes other species but has focused his attention to carp angling. Known for his safe hands in football, David has managed to bank carp in the 40Ibs region.

Scott Maslen:

If you’re a fan EastEnders, you probably know who Jack Branning is – if you don’t, ask the misses. Soap actor, Scott Maslen spends his time away from the Queen Vic to do a spot of carp fishing. His personal best isn’t bad either, a whopping 60Ib, and has had several others around the 50Ib mark.

Jimmy Bullard:

Footballer turned Television personality, who has appeared on “I’m Celebrity get me out of Here”, and Soccer AM is also known to be passionate about angling due to hosting a Sky Sports Podcast: “Off the Hook” where he combines his love of fishing and love of fishing. Jimmy not just loves fishing for carp, he also has a soft spot for barbel and likes to fish in competitions.

These days, it seems that more and more celebrities are getting involved in angling, a sport that us normal people love. This is good news for the sport, not only does it make it more popular, but it will also help bring more people together who might use fishing as a time to relax and look after their mental health.

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