Food into Feed: An Introduction

7th April 2022

Food into Feed is a process of diverting waste 'Human Grade Products' into perfectly suitable 'Animal Feed' ingredients. This could be a controversial process, as a majority of people are stuck in the 1980's way of bait thinking, based around the same few ingredients and are stubborn to adapt to sustainable way of bait manufacturing. This is the way forward for a Greener and affordable future. 
With prices soaring in today's climate, BAF are encouraging people to consider the move to 'Food into Feed' products, these include 'Top-End Proteins' that are perfect for making bait formations. Of course, this not only brings a reduction in what you usually pay for ingredients to this specification, but it's an opportunity to also become greener and help the environment. 
Keep an eye out the F-F logo so that you can identify products that have gone through the 'Food into Feed' process.

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