The Hottest Day of Fishing

22nd June 2022

As the hot weather had taken hold across the UK, anglers were bracing themselves for the hottest day of fishing ever. Local angler, Tony Watson, had recently fished on the hottest day of 2022 so far at his local private lake near Sheffield. With such intensive conditions, it was important for Tony to create a bait that can last as much as possible without drying out or becoming too watery. Using affordable and long lasting British Aqua Feed products for all his bait recipes.

The products used that he used were the Insect Meal, CPSP-90, Egg Albumin, Liver Powder, SennsAttract, Liquid Liver HydrolysateLiquid Krill Hydrolysate, Hydro Corn, Salmon Oil, Maple Cream +, Cod Liver Oil Liquid, CLO, Wheat Germ, and the C-Zero-45.

The Hookbaits was soaked in the C-Zero-45, and another soaked in Liquid Krill Hydrolysate, which is known to have a very poignant smell, and in nearly 30-degree heat – well, you can imagine smelling it now can’t you?

The Hottest day brought with it strong winds that was blowing down into one of the corners. The water was warm and ranged from 1ft margin to 14ft within 10 meters out. The Krill was 20m out in the 14ft. Before setting up however, both areas were baited with around x20 16mm boilies.

As soon as Tony was ready for putting the hookbaits out, he noticed the carp rolling and the bubbles coming up from where the areas have been baited. Every 30 minutes, another 5 baits went out whether a run happened, or not. A total of eight runs and eight fish were landed. However, neither were big – just averaging 12ibs. Tony had loads of fun, especially on the scorcher day of the year.

Day Two 

On the Saturday, Tony got set up the same as the day before, although, the weather had dropped 14 degrees and breeze turned incredibly chilly. The first carp was landed within 30 minutes of being on the bank, and across 8 hours of fishing there was a total of 18 runs and 15 fish landing up to 16ibs. Tony was shocked with the result, especially with the heatwave the UK had previously and then a big drop in the temperature the following Saturday.

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