Krill Hydrolysate Now Available

25th October 2021

We’ve been working toward this moment for almost two years. Starting with small scale trials to present day with our very own hydrolysis plant. 

Since the original supplies dried up, this must be our most requested product. “When’s Krill back in stock?” 


Due to the demand of this product, we just had to try and fetch it back to market, and with the off-shore producers grounded, the only way to do this was to manufacture.


In typical BAF fashion, we didn’t just want to replicate the product you’ve all become accustomed to, looking at it from an Angling perspective we wanted too somehow better it! 


We believe we’ve done just that, the solubility we’ve managed to achieve is just immense, this liquid is so attractive when used to coat your baits or when added to a spod mix.


We’ve deliberately left the krill’s exoskeleton in the liquid, meaning tiny morsels of krill goodness will remain suspended in the water column as your bait falls through. Not only that, as the exoskeleton is made up of Chitin, when krill hydro is included into your feed formulations the Chitin brings nutritional benefits, Chitin acts as an important gut microbial growth promoter, when this happens it increases feed conversion ratios within feed diets, leading to increased weight gains of fish. 


Krill is one of the most nutrient dense foods to fish, Carp and most Cyprinids love the stuff, boasting an impressive Amino Acid profile, rich in Carotenoids/Astaxanthin, and is packed full of soluble proteins. 


The Oil in the Krill Liquid is bound in Phospholipid form which is vital for the absorption of fats within the intestinal tract of the fish, absorption of fats help with energy metabolism as well as fat soluble vitamin absorption of Vitamins A, D, E, & K. 

You can see why Krill Liquid has been an extremely popular choice for many anglers and bait manufacturers alike.


Due to the low level of moisture within this product it is fine for PVA bags/stick mixes and is preserved naturally with Salt, it also has Rosemary Extract added as an important Anti-Oxidant (slows/stops the oils/fats within the product going rancid).


Suggested dosages are up to 80ml per kilo of feed, as it’s a natural product there is no upper limit to inclusion levels.

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