Fishing can Boost our Mental Health

12th May 2022

  1. Focusing and Improving on our Mental Health is important, which is why fishing is highly regarded as one of the key ways to support our mental well-being. Fishing is also great to clear the mind from all the stress of a tough day or week. 

This week is Mental Health Awareness week, and British Aqua Feeds wants to show support to anyone struggling with anxiety or depression, and highlight the key elements on how fishing can help mental health and other benefits such as, experiencing the nature outdoors and physical health. Fishing is not just about waiting for your next catch, it's an opportunity to engage with the local environment, and socialising with other people who share the same interest as you, or is struggling with their mental health. 

Why does fishing help boost our Mental Health?

Well, being near water is great to relive stress, as it gets you away from everyday life and can be used as a form of therapy. Fishing keeps you active, and is a good form of exercise. Just being outdoors is beneficial for your health and will improve our overall mood.   

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