New Product: C-Zero-45

19th April 2022


Once in every decade, you come across a product that raises an eyebrow, or two to another level. This liquid meat hydrolysate has an outstanding profile, and it’s not very often you come across a liquid product with a near 50% protein content to it (48.9%), and one of the very best amino acid profiles we have seen. Totally water soluble and being preserved naturally in Salt (10-13%) C-Zero-45 is an extremely effective feeding stimulator for most Cyprinid species. Being a land-based product, it is totally sustainable.

BAF have known about this product for a couple of years now, and we’re very confident that bait manufacturers and home rollers are going to love this product. Being extremely low in fat <1%, it is perfect for all year-round usage and will improve any type of bait produced, whilst there is no upper limit to inclusion rates, we have found this to be optimum at 40-60ml per kilo of feed/6 eggs produced.

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