'Santa's Gone Fishing' - Christmas Advert

1st December 2021

Ho Ho Oh!  ....
'Santa's Gone Fishing... AND he's forgot all about Christmas! Also, he's somehow lost all his Reindeer. Don't be like Santa, treat someone you love to a Gift Voucher today. It's the perfect gift for the Angler in your life.' 

As part of British Aqua Feeds' Gift Voucher launch for this Holiday season, the team decided to create a bespoke Christmas advert that is both informational, comedic, and heartwarming. We didn't just want to advertise our products, the advert tells a story of a 'Santa Claus' who is still on holiday fishing and forgetting about the Christmas rush of delivering presents. Of course our aim was to encourage our customers to consider a gift voucher and be their own Santa instead. 

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