The nights are drawing in... but we have a surprise

28th August 2020

A little chill noticeable in the weather recently and the nights are definitely getting longer, a taste of what’s just around the corner

Fish will certainly be feeling the same and that means one thing… Feeding time.

As with most wild animals their natural instinct at this time of year is to pack on the pounds for the inevitable winter approaching. Fish will be actively searching out food so there is no better time to ramp up your feeding campaign, whilst we still have decent water temperatures (+12 °C) an almost perfect food source for this time of year would be Coppens Premium Select Pellets, high in digestible protein with a healthy amount of fat, just what hungry fish are looking for!

As the temperatures drop so will the amount of natural food, use this to your advantage… Fish will be more inclined to eat an introduced food source i.e. anglers baits.

Pellets are deigned to give the optimum feed conversion ratio (F.C.R), meaning they give just the right amount of protein required (they actually use more energy if they excreting excess protein in their diet). By not wasting and excreting excess protein means better water quality and a healthier environment for the fish to live in.

Better yet is at under £1.40 per kg they won’t break the bank either.

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