Bloodworm - The ultimate bait for carp!

6th October 2021

Bloodworm is extremely easy to source in the UK, this is how many fishermen have always purchased our bloodworm in the past. If you were buying your bloodworm at your local tackle shop, who knows how long it has been sat there for.

It is also not the most damaging of baits to get hold of because it is natural and requires little to no preparation. Another benefit for many carp anglers is the fact that bloodworm can be used fresh or frozen.

When can you use it?

Bloodworm is a natural product, so they’ll neither be a wrong or right time to start applying it into your mix. However, as soon as Autumn arrives when the leaves start to fall from the trees and the temperature begins to cool down, this is when the bloodworm comes into its own.

There is a decrease of natural food due to the drop in temperatures. So, the implement of the bloodworm can really help with the extra bites when it seems like they’re preoccupied on the natural food. Throughout the colder months, such as November and December, it is fantastic to use when naturals are at their lowest and it can grab some of the thicker fish to catch that may inly feed on natural food throughout the colder months.  

Where to apply the Bloodworm?

The areas you should be looking for when introducing the bloodworm is either a hard spot or a soft silty spot, although, not with too much debris present. The more choddy the spot, the more of them carp are going to root around looking for it, that’s the way you must think about it.

So, this does sound like a good thing, however, it can often mean they are burying their heads into softer ground trying to find every extra bit. This may be harder to get a bite, as potentially they won’t be moving around as much as they should.

How much Bloodworm should you use?

Here at British Aqua Feeds Ltd, we always say there’s no right or wrong answer, however, if a mixture of 1kg that would include one big handful of bloodworm to that. Although, it may not sound a lot, it can go a very long way, and you’ll be starting to get bites in no time.

However, if you are getting consistent bites, the spots will start to dry up, but if you were to put a good handful of it once more, you will entice the carp to come back in, and hopefully start a feeding frenzy.

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