We’re coming Europe!

30th September 2021

We’re coming Europe! That’s right BAF is going international, and we couldn’t be prouder to bring our sustainable products to our friends in Europe. We are a distribution of British Aqua Feeds products in and around Europe, we're delighted to announce that our first shipment from the UK has cleared customs and has arrived at the BAF International distribution hub

We’re now taking orders for the following products.


Beta-Stim - 5L / 20L / 100L

Corn Steep Liquor - 5L / 20L

Fermented Chilli Extract - 5L / 20L

Hydrolysed Fish Extract - 5L / 20L / 100L / 1000L

Hydro Nut - 5L / 20L

Liquid Belachan - 5L / 20L

Liquid Liver Hydrolysate - 5L / 20L / 100L / 1000L

Powdered Ingredients

Brocacel Yeast - 25kg

CLO (Premium) - 5kg/25kg

CPSP90 Pre-Digested Fishmeal - 25kg / 100kg

Hydrolysed Liver Powder - 20kg / 100kg

Krill Meal - 25kg / 100kg

LT94 Fishmeal - 25kg / 100kg / 500kg

Semolina - 25kg / 100kg

Soya Flour (Full Fat) - 25kg / 100kg

Whole Egg Powder - 20kg / 100kg


Betaine HCL - 1kg

DMPT - 250g / 500g

Fruit Sense + - 1kg

GLM Extract (De-Fatted) - 1kg

Milk E + - 1kg

Pop-up Mixes

Fluoro Orange - 1kg

Fluoro Pink - 1kg

Fluoro Purple - 1kg

Fluoro Red - 1kg

Fluoro Yellow - 1kg

Plain - 1kg

White - 1kg

Wafter Mixes

Fluoro Orange - 1kg

Fluoro Pink - 1kg

Fluoro Purple - 1kg

Fluoro Red - 1kg

Fluoro Yellow - 1kg

Plain - 1kg

White - 1kg


Salmon Oil - 5L / 20L


Blackcurrant Supreme Flavour - 50ml / 250ml / 1L

Coconut Flavour - 250ml / 1L

Creamy Vanilla Flavour - 250ml / 1L

Crayfish & Thermidor Flavour - 50ml / 250ml / 1L

Hexed Cream Flavour – 50ml / 250ml / 1L

Indian Bun Spice Flavour – 50ml / 250ml / 1L

Intense B Sweetener – 50ml / 250ml / 1L

Maple+ Flavour – 50ml / 250ml / 1L

Maple Cream Flavour – 50ml / 250ml / 1L

Monster Crab Flavour – 500ml / 1L

Tropical Fruit Flavour – 50ml / 250ml / 1L

Tutti Fruiti Twist Flavour – 250ml / 1L


Capsicum Oleoresin – 1L

Essential Oils

Aniseed Essential Oils – 100ml

Hookbait Soaks

Amino Solutions – 250ml / 1L / 5L

If you’re interested in any of the above products, then email sales@bafint.com for a manual order form.

Completed order forms should be emailed back to us with a shipping address, we will then get a shipping quote and send you a PayPal invoice for the total. When the PayPal invoice is paid, your goods will be packed and dispatched from the German distribution hub.

Please note that as this is our first load into the EU, our range is currently limited to ONLY the above products in the volumes specified.

There have been lots of hurdles for us to overcome just to get to this stage, but we now believe we can seamlessly export our products in and around Europe. We aim to send more loads in the coming months, and hopefully have a large range of BAF products available for spring 2022.

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