What are the three most Important PPE?

21st October 2021

What are the three most Important PPE? 

Here at British Aqua Feeds, we take Health and Safety very seriously to ensure our employees, valued customers and the environment are kept safe. We work to comply with all relevant legal requirements relating to our workers' health and safety at work.

Our workers wear a comprehensive range of PPE, which includes the following, overalls, respirator masks, hair nets, and safety boots. Where hazards persist, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the final protective barrier between health and safety, and injury or illness.

The three most important PPEs are gloves, eye protection and other appropriate protective equipment. PPE will protect you from specific hazards, but not other sources of risk. In the United Kingdom, you should consider at least three types of PPE. This video shows you the top three used by our workers in our Hydrolysis site here at the BAF Group,

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