What is NOR 70 Fishmeal?

29th July 2022

NOR 70, is the newest addition to the BAF’s superb fishmeal products range. NOR 70 is produced from the very same species as LT94 and is as close to LT94 as you're likely to get" (predominantly Blue Whiting).

This fishmeal is manufactured from whole fish and trimmings and is indirectly steam dried with all the soluble presents, and it has an excellent amino acid profile and contains up to 20–25 percent solubles, utilising up to 35–40 percent of your overall mix with perfect assurance. It is appropriate for usage throughout the year due to its typical protein content of 70–72 percent and fat/lipid content of 6–10 percent. This animal by product is a CAT 3.

While some will still say the original LT94 is the best, others will argue saying the prices have rocketed over the last few years. The new NOR 70 Fishmeal is aiming to please everyone, the affordability and superb amino acid profile.

Why use NOR 70?

NOR 70 is a top-quality product that is suitable to use in all conditions and environments through the year. It is similar product to LT94 but NOR 70 doubles the effects of LT94.

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