Pellets are the perfect feed for rearing fish (Farming) or for actual fishing bait. They provide everything required to sustain healthy fish, and many are suited to a specific breeds' dietary requirement enabling the fish to feed efficiently and grow to their maximum potential. One major benefit of using pellets as feed is that they can be fed straight from the bag and require no prep work.

BAF stock an extensive range of pellets which are suitable for feeding to most fresh water fish throughout the different seasons of the year. With bag sizes ranging from 20kg up to bulk tonne pallet deliveries.

Pellets come in a variety of different sizes usually between 1.5mm and 20mm, colours and density (Floating and Sinking). The larger pellets are water stable for approximately six hours, where as the smaller pellets will break down much quicker.

When used for angling the larger varieties can be used as hookbaits with the use of a band or can be drilled to be mounted on a hair rig. Pellets can also be dampened with Liquids which will result in the pellets binding together, enabling them to be formed into a ball - useful if you want to get down to the bottom of a river or for method feeder fishing. They will take on colours and Flavours very well if you want to be different from the next, just use your imagination but the addition of our Additives and Spices can all be used to put your own personal twist on an already great fish feed.

If you require any advice on which pellet would best suit your requirements then please contact us.

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