Additives & Spices

Powdered Additives are becoming very popular for both home bait maker and bait manufacturer alike. Their functions cover a wide range, whether it be for taste (Gustation), smell (Olfaction), appetite stimulation (Sensory reception) or enhancing ability.

Powdered additives can vary widely in strength, natural ones such as Green Lipped Mussel Extract, and Hydrolysed Liver powder can be used in much higher quantities (up to 10% of your total mix). Whereas others such as Fruit Sense+ and Milk E + are generally used at much lower levels (0.5 to 2% of your total mix) due to the powerful nature of these products.

The Spices we offer work on a different level. There’s no doubt Spices are very beneficial to fish in terms of nutrition and digestive aids through increased secretion of enzymes , but many Spices also contain habit forming properties in the form of Alkaloids. Extra Hot Chilli powder being a classic example. Suggested dosages on Spices are generally 1-5% of your total mix.

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